I am Under Construction!!

My apologies. The month of June is going to be so busy having my place under construction.


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All the moving furniture in and out of the Garage, new tile, new carpeting, putting all my stuff in and out of boxes and other concerns. Most of all, time does not stop.

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I am therefore forced to a break, and so sorry to have to do this at my early stage in this blog. But I promise way more giveaways, and I am having a special series of giveaways to make some fireworks this summer!!

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I will see you full time coming right up with MORE Giveaways!

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I am Guest on WDRV-FM, Chicago, IL for Today

Today’s Daily Driver

I am the Daily Driver on Chicago’s Classic Rock – WDRV Twitter : and Facebook : 97.1 The Drive WDRV. Listen all day today on-air as I play my favorites from Kansas, Genesis, Led Zeppelin and more… You can enter at: Join the online feed at:

Jerry Marquardt – Blogger – Aurora (IL)

See You There!!



Fraudulent websites…Beware!! What you need to know to put them on call

You think that a website is a fraud. Or, better yet, you are dissatisfied with a website. You tried to complain, or cannot get in touch with customer service. The website is hiding from your emails to them, or cannot find the proper email to get in touch with the m via email?? The telephone numbers listed on the website’s listings are not picking up the telephone?? You have the runaround!! You don’t have the information needed to get in touch with the proper persons or even at all. You know the scenario! I have been there before.

Now, a smarter approach, is to do some backhand investigating on your own. You can not only check out if a website’s credentials are good, you are able to obtain the information needed and get in touch with the webmaster of the website. Here is my favorite tool:


You not only get in touch with the webmaster, but the properties who owns the site. You are able to communicate through an email where Scam Advisor will give an email to the webmaster on their end, and you an automated response (no-reply) email with the auto-response of [domain_name.com]@contactprivacy.com. Please note that the domain name owners are not obligated to respond to from Contact Privacy’s  requests, but they will know that you are trying to get in touch with them. You have now started to pierce through their shell of “hiding”. You are able to do your own investigating by seeing the following information about the website because Scam Advisor/Contact Privacy gives you information like:

  • The website name [domain_name.com]
  • The website title, [Domain Name] and the nature of the content involved on the website
  • The website description [Store, Shipping, Giveaways, Any Product, Any Service, etc.] is a…[Direct premise or mission involved with the website]
  • The website domain age in years and days
  • The website last refreshed date in days
  • The website speed
  • The website website value in US $
  • The website organisation # on Contact Privacy Inc. Customer [##]
  • The website owner name [John Doe]
  • The website owner Address [123 Main Street]
  • The website owner city: [Anytown]
  • The website owner postcode: [00000 or 000-000]
  • The website owner phone number: [+1.1234567890 |+44.123456789 | etc.] and country [Antartica]
  • The website registered company’s phone type being a landline or cell and telephone company’s registered name.
  • The domain email’s country of origin
  • The website owner’s country, whether listed or hidden/unknown
  • The website location country, and if unknown, the probable website origin in percentage between landmark countries and unknown countries.
    Notes of alert results showing that the owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity
  • Analysis Details of whether the website is based in one country and if there are other countries involved and you should review this information carefully and decide if it is as you expect.
  • Whether the website is using an anonymous service which prevents us from identifying the site owner. It will warn that this can sometimes be just so that the owner does not receive spam, but be aware that many scam sites use this as a method to hide their identify. Suggestion that if this is an eCommerce site to confirm the business address with the website owners.

Finally you are able to obtain the credentials of the websites:

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • Technical Contact
  • Server
  • Name Servers
  • Whois

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After you make the analysis from the information above you will be light years ahead of where you were before your started, and with this information, you are better able to go to the next level of investigation, whether it is where the website comes out of their shell and gets in touch with you, or whether it is legal action. You are better served knowing the information, and can now pursue real action to steps in rectifying runaround websites!!

Now you are in the hot seat of knowledge, and Fraudulent websites…Beware!! What you need to know to put them on call!


Are You Due an Overlooked Refund? Unclaimed Property

Are You Due an Overlooked Refund? Unclaimed Property?

Finding Steps to Recovering Missing Funds
Find those Refunds or Unclaimed Property

Are you due an unknown or overlooked refund? Do you have unclaimed property? What if you can’t even remember if you are due a refund from a company that gave up trying to get it back to you? Or, what if you didn’t know who to call to get a refund you know you are due?

Here is a commonplace way to check to see if you are due, All 50 states including D.C., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam…Even 4 Canadian provinces plus the country of Kenya!!

First, you need to remember any address that you could have lived at in your lifetime, including business and former business addresses. After keeping track of the states and/or territories, this master website will help expedite such information: www.unclaimed.org. After you go here, choose the state or territory you lived or worked in. A new window or tab will open taking you to that states website to check Each state and/or territory has its own website to check so the method of input varies, but is really pretty self-explanatory.

National Association of Unclaimed Property


The websites ask for you to input you last name/business name, your first name, and then the city and/or zip code. And if you have a property I.D. #, there usually is a space for including such. Leaving fields open widens your search, sometimes not refined enough, and can lead to several pages of information to go through looking for your name on that listing. The more information that you provide, the easier the list generation is to help you see if you are on the list. Once you input the info you are able to hit the search or input details, the website will query the details and search the credentials from public record. After your list is returned, search for the detailed listing to see if money is due you! It will return Name, address, the reported amount, and the relationship to owner or co-owner. Usually if the amount due you is under $100, it will only list that amount as being Under $100. Right on these websites, there is an area whereby you are able to expedite your claim for refund/missing property and submitting claim to such. The method does vary by state, but the opportunity is there to get the ball rolling on making claim to that money you were already due!


Another website link that is geared at real estate ventures is from MissingMoney.com. After all, it never hurts to check it out!

Refunds are always nice, any time of year! Since the funds or property already belongs to you, why not claim them?